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SURROGATE Coronavirus Testing Information

Surface area sampling may be performed to indicate the bacterial population of a particular area.  Wipe samples are indicated when bacterial growth is suspect and when enumeration and identification of the bacteria may be relevant to a particular situation.  The assessment of microorganisms may be useful in evaluating the hygienic status of a particular environment.
This test code can be used to evaluate the existing microbial population of a surface area and also to evaluate the effectiveness of surface cleaning by using the bacterial bioburden and the categories of bacterial isolated (human respiratory/activity vs environmental) as an indicator for the potential of viral presence.  It reflects a clinical protocol using Blood Agar to recover respiratory organisms such as alpha strep, gamma strep, gnr, S. aureus, etc. in addition to recovering environmental bacteria for a more complete picture of the bacterial population.

Ordering Supplies

Supplies for testing is available at the AeroSTORE or by contacting your Client Manager.

Testing Supplies

Sterile soft rayon swabs on two plastic shafts with a round bottom plastic tube containing 5ml of liquid Stuart semi-solid transport medium. 


The 3M™ Sponge-Stick is a 1.5 x 3 inch biocide-free sponge ideal for Coronavirus testing. The stick-mounted sponge design provides the ability to easily snap off the sponge from the handle after swabbing. 

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